📚🎧“This Is What I Love About Agenting”—How Adriann Ranta-Zurhellen Found Joslin Brorsen📚🎧

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud. We are so happy to welcome happy author-agent pair Adriann Ranta Zurhellen, Folio Literary Management, and author Joslin Brorsen, who created a magical written world specifically for her son. We love hearing how they found each other—how Joslin’s work fits right into Adriann’s #MSWL—and their tips for how to … Read more

Live Queries & Pages Panel with Agent Amy Bishop | April 18, 8:30pm ET

We can’t wait! Tuesday, April 18, at 8:30 pm Eastern, join us for a live queries and pages panel with agent Amy Bishop. Submit your work for a chance at live feedback from our panel–plus, of course, a publishing Q&A. This event is designed to be supportive, uplifting, encouraging–and 100% introvert-friendly. (Wear pajamas! We’ll never … Read more

📚🎧Random Writer Pep Talks: Pivoting, Publishing, Success & Timing

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud. We absolutely loved making this episode! We started randomly calling (opted in) writers for pep talks—and the result is an inspiring, uplifting, life-affirming episode that shows the brilliance of our writing community while also soothing some common stressors. We discuss:* When do I need to pivot?* Am I … Read more

📚Live Class: Your Path To Publication | March 23, 8:30pm ET

You’re finally ready to get your book out into the world—and you’re probably hoping for that “Big Five” traditional publishing deal. What can you do to improve your chances? Are there shortcuts? Landmines to avoid? And is “Big Five” really the option that will bring you the most personal satisfaction? Or are there particulars about … Read more

📚🎧#MSWL Live Agent Panel

Listen on Soundcloud, Spotify & Apple Podcasts. Curious about how we started? Listen to our 10th Anniversary Episode here. We had the best time with this panel! Many thanks to our amazing panelists, and to our Manuscript Academy members for the queries, questions, and kindness. Vote for YOUR genre (or age group) for the next … Read more


📚🎧10 Years of #MSWL with KK Hendin

For MSWL’s 10th anniversary (we know! We can’t believe it either!) we’ve invited KK Hendin, co-founder, who made us legit within four minutes of the first tweet. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, or Spotify. ***Did you catch our #MSWL Live Agent Panel? Four agents, two query critiques, one exercise, and one awesome prize. Tune in … Read more

Getting Started With #MSWL and

We’re so happy you’re here! #MSWL,, and our other resources exist to make agents more accessible, research more convenient, and the whole process more human. Here are some guides to get started: Main guide to searching for agents: We suggest you make a list of possible agents, then look at each agency website for their latest guidelines. For … Read more

#MSWL Launches The Manuscript Academy

Welcome to the newest arm of Manuscript Wish List®: The Manuscript Academy. The Academy exists for writers who want the best aspects of a conference–the classes, the direct access to experts, the networking, and the personalized critiques–delivered right to you, without paying for flights, hotels, or travel. Our model is different: You can learn on … Read more

📚🎧Perseverance & Positivity With Agent Kaitlyn Sanchez, Bradford Literary📚🎧

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud. We love Kaitlyn! She’s so happy, perceptive, kind, and talented—AND a literary agent who’s created community for her writers, a strong sales track record, and a team of authors—all while being a full-time math teacher, educating young minds. Book a meeting with her here:…aitlyn-sanchez Kaitlyn Sanchez (she/her) joined … Read more