Finding Your Perfect Agent Fit with Agent Ismita Hussain and Author Jessica Guerrieri

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Please note: This episode contains mentions of alcoholism, recovery, and sobriety.

We are so happy to welcome author Jessica Guerrieri and agent Ismita Hussain (Great Dog Literary) to the podcast.

They’re a great example of what to look for in an author-agent relationship–they’re creative, collaborative, supportive, and successful (Jessica’s debut book club fiction, Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, comes out 2025 with HarperCollins).

We also discuss re-querying, facing rejection, and the healing power of storytelling and personal narrative.

Meet with Ismita here:…ismita-hussain

Find the transcript and show notes here:…sica-guerrieri

00:44 Introducing Jessica Guerrieri
00:54 Ismita Hussain’s Journey from Healthcare to Literary Agent
01:55 Jessica Guerrieri’s Writing Journey and Sobriety
03:04 The Power of Perseverance: Jessica Guerrieri’s Path to Publication
04:18 The Editorial Process: From Query to Preempt
06:58 Understanding the Preempt and the Publishing Process
10:50 Revising with Resilience: Jessica Guerrieri’s Approach to Feedback
17:13 Building Trust and Thickening Skin in the Publishing World
21:31 Looking Ahead: Plans After the Book Deal
22:02 Embarking on a Unique Memoir Journey
22:13 Exploring Motherhood and Recovery
22:48 The Power of Sharing Personal Stories
27:02 The Role of Fiction and Nonfiction in Recovery
29:42 The Importance of Representation in Literature
39:57 The Value of Specificity in Storytelling
43:15 The Memoir Market and Connecting with Agents

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