Getting Started With #MSWL and

We’re so happy you’re here! #MSWL,, and our other resources exist to make agents more accessible, research more convenient, and the whole process more human.

Here are some guides to get started:

Main guide to searching for agents We suggest you make a list of possible agents, then look at each agency website for their latest guidelines.

For etiquette and learning publishing culture, interviews with agents, and more, here’s our podcast (there are tons of publishing podcasts, but we are focused on learning and humanizing the people behind the process):

The above are totally free. They’re supported by the educational resources below:

Consultations with agents to go over your query/understand why you may be getting rejections (10 minute and longer e-meetings):

Online conference classes (we aren’t Hollywood-level! But we did rent a theater, hire film students, and film agents, editors and authors teaching the classes they normally present at conferences):

So, yes, it’s our attempt at making all of this easier, as affordably as possible. We’re not Hollywood, but we have a lot of heart. 🙂

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Jessica, KK, Julie, Monica, Caitlin and the team behind #MSWL