Three-Day Workshop | Unputdownable: Write A Book Agents Can’t Stop Thinking About | October 24-26

What makes an agent care about your work? What makes an agent care so much that they keep thinking about your manuscript, bringing it up to their friends, their colleagues–and maybe even editors?  It’s emotional investment. While agents love all of the other aspects that go into your story, caring about your character is what makes a book … Read more

🎥📚Free Workshop Preview: Anne Elliott on Making & Breaking Status Quo | Workshop June 13-15

There are many things we love about Anne Elliott. Not only is she smart, compassionate, and an author who sees the world through a literary lens–but she’s able to bring this nuanced way of making meaning into the classroom. Her classes feel like MFA experiences, and her students leave with a new appreciation for interpreting … Read more

Version 4.0 Is Live! New Features & Updates

In addition to our whole new design, which is faster, shinier, and easier to use, we have a number of updates to make everything easier for authors, agents, and editors. Writers will be able to search by genre and age group to help them find you, login will be smoother, and we’ll be rolling out plenty of … Read more

Coming Soon! Site Updates & #MSWL Day February 16 | New Features, Events & Ways To Find Your Agent Match

As you may have heard, we’re rolling out plenty of new features for #MSWL and Please mark your calendars! Our next official #MSWL day is February 16, 2023.  Add MSWL Day to Calendar There will be a whole new site, which will be faster, shinier, and easier to use, starting this month–so please don’t be … Read more

Join Our Call-In Episode! Writer Pep Talks & Advice

 mswlacademy · Join Our Call-In Episode! Writer Pep Talks, Advice, And What We’d Do If We Had A Bus (You can also listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify!)   Have you ever had a publishing question you couldn’t answer with Google? Or maybe you’re just stressed out and wondering if it’s time to pivot, … Read more

Holiday Novels, Food Writing, And Tips For Faster First Drafts

We are so happy to welcome author Amy E. Reichert to the podcast! She has a number of beautiful novels (all featuring wonderful food writing), her latest being Once Upon a December, a holiday romance featuring a magical Christmas market, a steamy romance, and—of course—gorgeous holiday treats. We also talk about food writing and best … Read more