Coming Soon! Site Updates & #MSWL Day February 16 | New Features, Events & Ways To Find Your Agent Match

As you may have heard, we’re rolling out plenty of new features for #MSWL and

Please mark your calendars! Our next official #MSWL day is February 16, 2023

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There will be a whole new site, which will be faster, shinier, and easier to use, starting this month–so please don’t be alarmed if you visit one day, and everything looks different!

You’ll be able to search by genre and age group to find your best agent match, easily make a free account and save your favorite agents, and we’ll be rolling out plenty of features for authors, agents, and editors alike.

Profiles will soon come with links to agents’ social media and #MSWL posts across platforms. So if they said peace out, #SpaceKaren, you can view their wishes on Instagram, Mastodon, Hive, or more.

We’re adding an #MSWL Live component, where agents and editors can come to special events and present their wishes, and we’ll turn these into a podcast as well as polished, personable clips for their profiles. The theme for this month (since it’s Valentine’s month) is Romance, Women’s Fiction, Book Club Fiction & More. It’s been our experience that it’s easier for writers to choose a good fit if they can hear an agent’s voice and see their facial expressions, so this can help you know if you might be a personality fit (remember, you’ll be calling your agent for decades to come!) before you submit your work.

You’ll be able to vote for your genre for future months! Stay tuned for that.

We’re also expanding our podcast and live events to include more direct interaction between agents, editors and authors, with interactive editing conversations, Q&A, and more. This both helps the community (writers often learn by doing and example) and helps agents see that you’re a good editorial match and willing to put in that work. You can see an early experiment with our Mystery Agent program here

We’re also working on exciting new technology to help the submission process become more human, less intimidating, and more accessible to all.

As always, if you have any trouble, our help desk is standing by.

Happy 2023!

All best,
Jessica, Julie, KK, and the #MSWL Team