📚🎧Podcast: #MSWL’s 10th Anniversary: How It All Happened with KK Hendin

For MSWL’s 10th anniversary (we know! We can’t believe it either!) we’ve invited KK Hendin, co-founder, who made us legit within four minutes of the first tweet.

***The next MSWL day is February 16, on Twitter *and* on your favorite platforms***

We talk about how we went from Tumblr to a real life site to a site where agents and editors could update their own wishes (Jessica and KK were updating them manually before that), the stories we’ve heard of how it’s impacted writing life, and the amazing, serendipitous coincidences that made it all possible.

Please note that, as of Monday, ManuscriptWishList.com will go into version 4.0! Check out the site for a list of upcoming updates (rolling out slowly over the next few weeks).