Version 4.0 Is Live! New Features & Updates

In addition to our whole new design, which is faster, shinier, and easier to use, we have a number of updates to make everything easier for authors, agents, and editors.

Writers will be able to search by genre and age group to help them find you, login will be smoother, and we’ll be rolling out plenty of features for authors, agents, and editors alike. 

We’re adding an #MSWL Live component, where agents and editors can come to special events, present their wishes to hundreds of writers at a time, and we’ll turn these into polished, personable clips for profiles. It’s been our experience that many writers will trust you more, and fear you less, if they can hear your voice and see your facial expressions. This means they’re more likely to add you to their submission lists.

We’re also expanding our podcast and live events to include more direct interaction between agents, editors and authors, with interactive editing conversations, Q&A, and more. This both helps the community (writers often learn by doing and example) and shows off what it would be like to work with you, so that–hopefully–you get more and better submissions from writers who are a good editorial match and willing to put in that work. 

Agents and editors, we don’t believe in your working for free, so there will be an honorarium for all of our events. Let us know if you’re interested. 

Profiles can now link to your social media and #MSWL posts across platforms. So if you said peace out, #SpaceKaren, you can link to your Instagram, Mastodon, Hive, or more. 

We’re also working on exciting new technology to help the submission process become more human, less intimidating, and more accessible to all. 

A few more coming updates in this first round:

  • Save your favorite agents
  • Create a user account to take notes for you
  • Record an audio file of name pronunciation for each profile
  • Include correct pronouns
  • Update with less tech knowledge
  • #MSWL Live: Agents discuss what they want *within* each genre, and these clips turn into a podcast + video clips for their profiles 
  • Vote for the genre theme of the next agent #MSWL panel + events
  • Email digest of tweets, posts & more by genre