Three-Day Workshop | Unputdownable: Write A Book Agents Can’t Stop Thinking About | October 24-26

What makes an agent care about your work? What makes an agent care so much that they keep thinking about your manuscript, bringing it up to their friends, their colleagues–and maybe even editors? 

It’s emotional investment. While agents love all of the other aspects that go into your story, caring about your character is what makes a book memorable. 

But how do you strategically create empathy, intrigue and anticipation in just a small amount of time–and ensure that it sustains through the last page? 

In our three days together, you’ll learn how to use Banner Days (a trick to have the reader looking forward and backward, imagining how characters and situations will interact–giving surprise, delight and grounding), Truth as Structure (cleverly choosing who–from the narrator to the reader to the main character to the antagonist–knows what when), and Proactivity & Misbehavior (purposely keeping your characters active, sympathetic, imperfect, at a crossroads–and full of agency). 

Derek is a kind, compassionate teacher–and we can’t wait to see how he explores these vital skills for creating a work that’s fresh, exciting, and unputdownable. 

This course can be completed on your schedule, in any time zone. Everything will be up for 30 days, replays are available for all events, and your odds of feedback are the same whether you attend live or watch the replay. 

The event is October 24-26, 2023. All materials will be available for 30 days for replay.

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