Second Books, Second Agents, & Second Chance Hotel: Live Q&A with Author Sierra Godfrey

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We are thrilled to welcome Sierra Godfrey, author of The Second Chance Hotel and A Very Typical Family, to the Member Lounge.

Sierra, along with Mike Chen, built the first, and her work as an author is charming, funny, romantic—and set on the gorgeous fictional Greek island of Asteri. There, her main character accidentally marries a handsome traveler—and, together, they accidentally inherit a hotel. What follows is a fun, escapist, sophisticated story of finding yourself even when it means giving up everything you’ve known.

So we invited her for a Q&A with our members. Learn more about our Member Lounge here:

We talk about:
*Finding a second agent
*Why the agent offer call is likely to only show you a small percentage of an agent’s thoughts on your book
*Whether they “pre pitch” before you’re even working together
*Is everything in Publishing really harder than it ever was?
*How a story on the radio while sitting in traffic inspired the story
*How to write likable, but significantly flawed, characters
*How do you spot a red flag in an agent?

Sierra says: Hello! I am the author of A Very Typical Family (Sourcebooks 2022) and The Second Chance Hotel (September 12, 2023) also from Sourcebooks.  I am extremely flattered that you have come to see who I am!
I was born in Santa Cruz, California (which is where A Very Typical Family is set!) and have lived in many places, including Santorini, Greece, when I was a kid. By day I’m a technical writer and have also been a graphic designer ad a credentialed sports writer covering Spanish football for several online sports sites. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and two sons, as well as a lot of animals that include a dog, two cats, and a turtle, which seems like a lot, and is.