Script-to-book, Book-to-Film, And All Things IP with Bethany Baptiste & Gigi Griffis

We love this conversation about a part of the industry few writers know about–script-to-book, or when a writer is hired to novelize a project originally designed for the screen. Both Bethany and Gigi have successful projects in this area–Bethany Baptiste is the author of Izzy Hawthorne: Destiny Awaits, a script-to-book project based on Disney’s Buzz … Read more

Genre, Metaphor, Twitter Pitch Contests, and Feminist Werewolf Novels with Author Rachel Harrison

We are so happy to speak with author Rachel Harrison about her new feminist werewolf novel, Such Sharp Teeth! This isn’t horror as you’d normally expect it—the cover is pink, the setting includes Target and Starbucks, and the main character is a twin just trying to get control over her new werewolf tendencies—and her love … Read more

How To Keep Readers Interested With Internal Conflict

We’re thrilled to welcome Bobby Finger, whose book, The Old Place, is so full of twists and turns—many of them with internal, past, and multi-layered conflict—that we had a terrible time not spoiling the ending for you! (Yes, you’ll hear several shout-outs that will make sense if you read the book.) We also talk about … Read more

To All The Books I’ve Loved Before

 by Helen Lane (she/ her), Junior Literary Agent | Booker Albert Agency In this blog I’m going to try to give context to some of the most hated phrases querying authors receive from agents: the dreaded, “I liked your book but didn’t love it enough to represent it” or “I love it but I’m not … Read more