Comps, Opening Pages & Pitching: Live Q&A with Agent Paige Wheeler

We loved this event! In a cozy, neighborhood potluck-like format, we chatted with agent Paige Wheeler, who talks everything from comps to first pages to how to get your query ready to send–and where to send it.

This episode was recorded in earliest autumn, in front of our Member Lounge audience. Learn more about the Member Lounge here:

As the founder of Creative Media Agency, Inc., Paige Wheeler has artfully merged her creativity and business savvy to create an agency that is dedicated to maximizing author potential. With over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, Paige is propelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, ignited by the thrill of discovery. Through all of her professional endeavors, Paige has ventured to support her clients and their unique voices in an unprecedented way. In 2006, Paige also became a founding partner of Folio Literary Management, LLC. Deciding she missed focusing on growing the author, not the business, Paige pivoted to a boutique approach to author representation. Through CMA, she is now able to manage the intellectual property rights of authors by selling both domestic and foreign rights, co-agenting film and audio rights, and maximizing the long tail of a book’s life in the e-book marketplace.