Preparing For Your International Bestseller: Liv Constantine on Crafting Unputdownable Characters

In the first installment of the Manuscript Academy Book Club, we have Liv Constantine, the pen name for internationally bestselling sister duo Lynne and Valerie Constantine!

Joined by Jessica, Julie, and the Manuscript Academy community, Valerie and Lynne answer your questions about how to collaborate and edit as a team, how to get the best results when querying, and how to keep your work fresh when writing multiple books in the same genre.

**Please note that there are spoilers for The Last Mrs. Parrish as noted verbally in the episode.**

01:00 Meet the Authors: Liv Constantine
01:19 The Journey to Success
03:26 Collaborative Writing Process
12:09 Crafting Unputdownable Thrillers
16:47 Pitching and Querying Tips
19:39 The Impact of Reese’s Book Club
25:31 Character Development and POV Shifts
26:04 Crafting Intricate Plot Details
27:33 Collaborating as Sisters
31:15 Balancing Writing and Marketing
34:58 Navigating the Publishing Industry
36:59 Advice for Aspiring Writers
38:40 Creating Realistic Psychopath Characters
42:54 Final Thoughts and Reflections

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