Finding Your Voice: On the Page, In Your Life with Agent Katharine Sands + Jessica Doyle-Mekkes

We are thrilled to introduce our very own Julie Kingsley’s debut novel! It’s called The Space Between You and Me and came out this week!

“That summer, I finally grew into myself. The problem? I grew too fast. And fruit that grows too fast often bursts in the sunshine.”

With her agent Lane Heymont (Tobias Literary Agency), we discuss:

*What happens if you have film interest before book interest
*How Hollywood runs on FOMO (fear of missing out)
*How Julie got a sensitivity read with her film interest
*When book agents send your work to Hollywood 
*When agents announce your book and why
*What “film interest” looks like after your book is announced
*Leveraging Hollywood pettiness to increase odds of an option
*How the etiquette of Hollywood is vastly different from NY Publishing
*The “secret sauce” for being fought over
*What is a hook? 
*Planning your Easter Eggs

Learn more about Julie’s book here:
Learn more about Lane here:

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