What’s New, What’s Ahead

Welcome to the Manuscript Wish List site (or as we like to call it, Manuscript Wish List 3.0). In addition to simply looking better, there are a bunch of new features both available now and in the works. Drumroll please… What’s new right now Agents and editors can create their own accounts and update their … Read more

The #PitMatch Agents + Editors Team Announced!

As you know, this is something brand new brought to you by #MSWL and #PitMad. And it’s all happening Thursday, February 11, 1-4 EST.  We’ve enlisted the help of 28 literary cupids to make those matches–hopefully resulting in pairs that work happily together ever after. (Want to see the author team? Check out Brenda Drake’s … Read more

#MSWL and #PitMad bring you #PitMatch!

Oh, Internet. Have we got something for you. The lovely and talented Brenda Drake, of #PitMad, Pitch Madness, Pitch Wars, and many more of your favorite events is teaming up with #MSWL and Manuscript Wish List® this Valentine’s Day (actually February 11, 1-4 EST) to bring you…#PitMatch! You know how both #MSWL and #PitMad move so … Read more