What’s New, What’s Ahead

Welcome to the Manuscript Wish List site (or as we like to call it, Manuscript Wish List 3.0). In addition to simply looking better, there are a bunch of new features both available now and in the works. Drumroll please…

What’s new right now

Some future ideas we’re exploring

  • An industry event calendar
  • A forum for agents and editors to discuss the industry
  • A forum for writers to discuss their craft and the query/submission process
  • Live chat sessions
  • And much more! Got an idea? Get in touch and let us know


3 thoughts on “What’s New, What’s Ahead”

  1. Congratulations on the successful launch of 3.0! The, What’s New is fantastic. The, Future Ideas are phenomenal. Can easily see this becoming a Learning and Research Hub for the writing community.

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