#MSWL and #PitMad bring you #PitMatch!

Oh, Internet. Have we got something for you.

The lovely and talented Brenda Drake, of #PitMad, Pitch Madness, Pitch Wars, and many more of your favorite events is teaming up with #MSWL and Manuscript Wish List® this Valentine’s Day (actually February 11, 1-4 EST) to bring you…#PitMatch!


You know how both #MSWL and #PitMad move so quickly, it’s hard to see all of the tweets? Don’t you wish you could be everywhere at once–and/or that you could have some help?

Now you can!

Three teams of literary cupids–an author team, an agent team, and an editor team–will be working to find the connections between authors, agents, and editors who accept direct submissions. Who’s the best at literary matchmaking? WE SHALL SEE!

Each match–request–they create will be worth one point–and posted on the @PitMatch scoreboard. Follow along on #PitMatch, #PitMatchArrow, and #PitMatchPoint for success stories.

Whichever team has the most requests gets prizes and bragging rights!

Team members will be announced between now and the event, February 11, 2016. In the meantime, follow @PitMatch for updates!