Join Our Call-In Episode! Writer Pep Talks & Advice

 mswlacademy · Join Our Call-In Episode! Writer Pep Talks, Advice, And What We’d Do If We Had A Bus (You can also listen on Apple Podcasts & Spotify!)   Have you ever had a publishing question you couldn’t answer with Google? Or maybe you’re just stressed out and wondering if it’s time to pivot, … Read more

Holiday Novels, Food Writing, And Tips For Faster First Drafts

We are so happy to welcome author Amy E. Reichert to the podcast! She has a number of beautiful novels (all featuring wonderful food writing), her latest being Once Upon a December, a holiday romance featuring a magical Christmas market, a steamy romance, and—of course—gorgeous holiday treats. We also talk about food writing and best … Read more

Finding A Home For Your Short Story with Author Anne Elliott

We are thrilled to speak with Anne Elliott—who always makes us feel like we’re in the best kind of MFA—about how structure and movement in your story can create the kind of reading experience that keeps people up all night with your book. Whether you’re pitching, published, or both, this is exactly (we imagine) what … Read more