New: The First Pages Podcast

March 1, 2017 by MSWL Admin

Welcome to our very first First Pages episode! In this new series, we’ll be discussing the most interesting first pages we can get our hands on–YOURS! We’ll ask agents and editors to join us in finding the lessons in these pages that not only improve this work–but give you ideas for your own. Want to submit a page for consideration? Send it to Academy at ManuscriptWishList dot com as a Google…

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Publishing & Publicity In Your Pajamas

February 23, 2017 by MSWL Admin

This week, The Manuscript Academy Podcast talks with literary agent and publicist Dawn Michelle Hardy of Serendipity Literary to hear her take on how you, as an author, can best focus your energy when promoting your work. In addition to savvy tips we’ve never heard before, Dawn tells us about the surprising amount you can do from home, plus talks profit and loss statements, distance running–and what really happens when a…

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Want to Spend 10 Minutes With An Agent? Now You Can.

February 8, 2017 by MSWL Admin

Ever wish you could sit down with an agent? Now you can! The Manuscript Academy 10 Minutes With An Expert event exists to give non-members once-monthly access to our agents and editors. Each ten-minute meeting is $49. You can book as many as you like, until they fill up.  This month’s meetings are February 15. Yes, that’s right–they’re all in one day so you can cheer each other on in the private…

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