You may have heard that today’s agent is more overwhelmed than ever: More submissions, slower response times across Publishing, and supply chain issues, to boot.

What’s a writer to do?

Enter our Submission Packet Workshop, which equips you to optimize your query and first five pages for the way today’s (overcaffeinated, overwhelmed) agent approaches an ever-growing submission pile.

With three days of classes, workshops, and agent panels, we’ll show you how to:

  • Optimize your query for fast, compelling agent reads–so agents not only understand, but feel invested in, your work in 30 seconds or fewer
  • Accelerate the growth of your characters, tension, and narrative arcs, so one can’t help but want to turn the pages–thus getting you more requests
  • Enhance the “soft skills” behind your work, and how appealing to the right brain can be your key to emotional investment, clarity, and staying in an agent’s mind
  • Network with talented, like-minded writers and agents who will help you polish your packets and prepare for the submission pile
  • Enjoy panels with insightful agent feedback, creative inspiration, and community cheer
  • Leave with the most polished, query-ready submission packet your work has ever seen

This will be a fun, supportive, thoughtful event.

Full event schedule here:

The event is June 28-30. All materials will be available for 30 days for replay.

Please note that this is an event ticket only, and does not include access to our full library of classes. However, this product is included with membership, which is $10 more.