Pitching Agents Vs. Pitching Small Presses, Indie Success & Magical Realism

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Have you ever wondered about the rule to not pitch agents and small presses at the same time? Or wondered how small presses treat you—versus agents?

Douglas Weissman thought he was set right away—he has an MFA thesis project, and was exited to start querying. Nine years later, he pivoted and found success—and his forthcoming novel, Life Between Seconds, comes out with Addison & Highsmith in November: bookshop.org/books/life-between…onds/9781592111749

Douglas Weissman is an author and travel writer who has spent time exploring diverse corners of the world. He is the husband of a museum educator, father of a delightful girl, and lives in Los Angeles. He has an MFA in creative writing from the University of San Francisco and spent time in Buenos Aires. But he has also worked in a safari game reserve, sold timeshares, and edited nonfiction books. When he isn’t traveling, writing, or eating, Douglas loves to share characters with endearing flaws and surprising resilience.