Magic, Romantic Tension, And Your Perfect October Read with Author Lana Harper

We loved this book! If you’re also a fan of Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus, and books both spooky and pretty, Lana’s newest work, Payback’s A Witch, is a beautiful, fun, sexy rom com for your October.

We discuss how to know when you’ve written *just* enough description (and the fact that many readers don’t wan
t to smell characters), writing villains we can’t stand (who are just charming enough to be believable), and the creation of a magical system (which is somehow, at once, beautiful, believable, and escapist).

Lana studied psychology and literature at Yale University and law at Boston University. She is a graduate of the Emerson College publishing and writing program and the author of YA novels Wicked Like a Wildfire, Fierce Like a Firestorm, Blood Countess, the forthcoming Poison Priestess, and the adult rom-com, Payback’s A Witch, from Berkley Books. Lana was born in Serbia and lived in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania before moving to the United States. She lives in Chicago with her family.