May 25-27: Three-Day Submission Strategy Workshop

We’re so excited!

It all starts Tuesday, May 25, at 9am Eastern!

In our three days together, we’ll cover:

  • Finding compatible, talented agents you never knew existed
  • Interpreting your rejections (in a live panel, with your real rejections)
  • Lifehacks for querying (small things that can add up to a big difference)
  • Using your research to prove your humanity and stand out from the ~40 other queries the agent received that day
  • Polishing your submission packet (query and first page) in our interactive workshop
  • Trying everything out in our live agent feedback panel at the end of the week

We’re delighted that agent Melissa Edwards (Stonesong Literary) will join agent Jessica Sinsheimer (that’s me!) and the full Manuscript Academy team to help you workshop your homework, answer your questions, and review your queries in our live panel. 

Hope you can join us!

All best,
Jessica, Julie & Valentina