An Interview With Husband and Wife Macmillan Editors Kate Meltzer and Brian Geffen

Welcome to a #MSWL podcast first–a married publishing couple describing literary life, work, and how to make the most of both.

We discuss what they’d love to see in their inboxes (and how their tastes vary), the crazy coincidences of their love story (they both went to Paris, worked at Scholastic, and lived in the same town before meeting), and how they both started their careers as the unsung heroes of the publishing world, in sales and production. 

Naturally, we talk about how these departments can affect your book’s advance, distribution, look, feel, and much more.

We also talk about how comp titles can change your print run, why you shouldn’t just choose the biggest comps possible, how production makes decisions about your physical book, and how all of this affects you as an author.

You can meet with Kate to discuss your book and get insightful feedback here:

And Brian here:

And you can find Kate on Twitter @katemeltzer and Brian @Brian_Geffen.