How To Pitch When Publishing Is In Quarantine with Agent Amy Elizabeth Bishop

You may have heard mixed things about how publishing is doing in all of this. Some say everything is up and running–and some seem totally overwhelmed.

In this episode, we spoke with agent Amy Elizabeth Bishop about how to navigate submissions during quarantine. We cover:

  • Is it a good idea to send out your work right now?
  • Is publishing shut down?
  • Is it really going as well as everyone says?
  • The importance of platform, especially now
  • The emotional toll of rejections (and this affects agents, and your work)

We also talk about how to make your writing seem effortless, what NYC life is like for new agents (hint: lots of bagels) and Amy’s live query panel, THIS Tuesday at 8:30pm EDT.

Find her on Twitter @amylizbishop.

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