Structure, Characters, and Narrative Beats: LIVE with Agent Hannah Fergesen, Wednesday, April 24, 8:30pm EDT

When we talk about structure, we’re talking about the narrative framework of your story. The bones of the house. The foundation upon which those bones rest. Without these, you have no house. You wouldn’t try to put a roof or hang drywall on, well, nothing, right? If you’re missing a support beam, the house becomes lopsided and ultimately collapses. Well, it’s the same with story.

Though genre does usually determine conventions, or, some of the building blocks with which a story is built, no matter your story, there is a core structural framework.

In this class, we’ll learn the rules and how to break them, the math behind the mystery, the formulae that support unique stories.

With Hannah’s background in film, you’ll learn how these two mediums together show the hidden workings of stories, whether you notice them or not–and how to make them work so YOUR book maintains tension, momentum, and keeps an agent reading.

The LIVE Q&A will be Wednesday, April 24, at 8:30pm EDT. Can’t make it live? Submit a question, and watch the replay. This class includes a recorded, edited video to watch at your convenience, a LIVE Q&A (with live-recorded replay), and 30 days of access to the material.