New: The First Pages Podcast

Welcome to our very first First Pages episode! In this new series, we’ll be discussing the most interesting first pages we can get our hands on–YOURS! We’ll ask agents and editors to join us in finding the lessons in these pages that not only improve this work–but give you ideas for your own. Want to submit a page for consideration? Send it to Academy at ManuscriptWishList dot com as a Google doc (then you can make last-minute changes!) or Word doc.

We’re joined this week by the lovely and talented literary agent Linda Camacho of the Prospect Agency. You can view her class, How To Write A Manuscript That Gets and Keeps Everyone’s Attention, in The Manuscript Academy’s A La Carte classes section.

The Manuscript Academy podcast is FREE to everyone, and available on Soundcloud and iTunes. Click the logo below to find us, or search for “Manuscript Academy” in iTunes.

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