How to Spend Ten Minutes With An Agent

by Julie Kingsley

Have you ever floundered during a pitch session? Panicked at the idea of running into an agent at the snack table? (Quick! What’s the book about? Uhhhhh…) Does the whole idea of talking about your work make you so nervous that your insides quiver and your hands shake? This is normal.  You’ve invested so much in your book—and when you go into a meeting with an agent or editor, it feels like a lot at stake.

The Manuscript Academy is Manuscript Wish List®’s educational sister company. The Manuscript Academy Podcast is free to everyone, and features interviews with agents and editors, how-to tips, and behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of the Academy—plus sneak peeks at classes from our amazing faculty.

The most recent how-to episode, How to Spend Ten Minutes With An Agent, breaks down tips and strategies to help demystify the process, and perhaps even make it a fun and easy experience.  Want to learn more?  Download Episode Six: How to Spend Ten Minutes With An Agent to hear Jessica Sinsheimer fullsizerender-8speak from the agent perspective, while I give tips from the writer’s side of the desk.

A meeting with an agent can launch a career and also lend key insight that you need for building a solid future in the writing industry. Get ready for that moment. You can find us in the iTunes Store (search for “Manuscript Academy” or click this link) and on Soundcloud.  Then explore past podcasts with top industry professionals all ready to go in the iTunes store.  The Manuscript Academy Podcast  is published weekly with the aim to help you find you best path to publication.

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Want to know what to bring? (Yes! Props will help you have even more fun!) Check out the Manuscript Academy Podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud–and look for Episode 007: Party. Holiday Party!

This event is free, and all are welcome.



Julie True Kingsley is the co-founder of The Manuscript Academy.  She has over twenty years of experience in education teaching everything from preschool to grad school.  She currently  teaches New Media & Writing for Media at a small local college. She is the co-founder of SCBWI’s Writing Retreat on Squam, and a past facilitator of SCBWI’s fabulous Whispering Pines Retreat. She lives in Maine with her husband, two children, and a moody rescue dog. You can find her on Twitter @juliekingsley.

Julie is teaching Seven Days of Dialogue for The Manuscript Academy. She is also taking ten-minute meetings and critiques. Academy members can schedule one with her here.