Happy #MSWL Day!

by KK Hendin

KKRoundedCorners*sets some celebratory fireworks* (what, do the people in your neighborhood wait for the actual fourth of July to set off fireworks? Huh.)

Happy #MSWL day, everyone! We’re so excited you’re here, and we’re so excited for another day of potential writer-agent-editor matches!

Some friendly reminders so that today goes as smoothly as possible for everyone:

1. Writers: do not pitch your books on the #MSWL feed. The #MSWL Twitter feed is for agents and editors to tweet about what books they’re looking for. If they tweet about wanting something you wrote, favorite the tweet, screenshot, add it to your Excel spreadsheet, do whatever you do to make sure you remember when you’re ready to query that Agent X s looking for a book about dishwashing amoebas who fall in love at a construction site, which, conveniently, is what your book is about.

2. Please be respectful of those agents and editors who are tweeting with the #MSWL hashtag. A writer agent relationship is still a business one, no matter how many goofy gifs you exchange on Twitter.

2.a. Be respectful of the agents and editors who aren’t tweeting on the #MSWL. You can gently remind them of it if you’re interested in what they’re looking for, but scroll back through their tweets first to make sure they haven’t already discussed whether they will or won’t be participating today. Research first, ask second.

3. Do. Your. Research. As per the internet, we don’t actually have control of who tweets using the #MSWL hashtag. Which means there will be tweeting about what they want to see in their inbox who we don’t actually recommend you sending your manuscript to. Please do your research before querying- the last thing we want is for you to get screwed over by someone. We want your books on bookshelves, physical and virtual.

4. Agents and Editors: if you don’t have a profile set up on the website and you’d like one, please please please let us know! We’d be happy to help you set one up.

5. Make sure you’ve got some coffee available today- it can’t hurt 🙂

As always, Jessica and I will be hanging out on the hashtag, so if you have any questions, feel free to tweet us and ask. (@kkhendin and @jsinsheim)

Thanks so much for joining us today- we hope that it’s the start of many literary matches made on Twitter.

KK, Jessica, and the MSWL team

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