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I’m absolutely dying for anything that fits the following criteria:

  • Adult Romantic Fantasy (Romantasy). Bonus points if it’s from a Non-Western Culture
  • Adult Fiction from Native American Authors. Bonus points if the setting is in Oklahoma
  • Adult Mysteries in the vein of the GHOST HUNTER series by Victoria Laurie or the WITCHCRAFT MYSTERIES by Juliet Blackwell, but with a strong “will-they-or-won’t-they” romantic sub-plot. Bonus points if it has series potential.
  • Adult Romantic Comedy with the same feel as WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING. Bonus points if the main character is as much in love with the love interest’s family as they are with the object of their affection.

Queries can be sent to QueryManager after June 3, 2024. Please specify in your query that you’re answering my request for these specific things. Please do not send via email.

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This item was posted by: Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong