Summer Bonus MSWL!

Looking for diverse, high-concept fiction with strong, unique voices. Particularly interested in: Character-Driven Plots: Deep, complex characters navigating personal growth, relationships, and societal challenges. Queer Narratives: Stories with LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, especially with nuanced and authentic portrayals. Cultural Diversity: Stories exploring themes of immigration, racial identity, and the complexities of diverse cultural experiences. Historical … Read more

Wishlist Items

Well-researched travel books that fully immerse readers in their destinations, while being conscious of local surroundings and customs One-of-a-kind cookbooks with unique recipes that stand out against competition Engaging restaurant guides, books on culinary and cultural exploration, or iconic food crawls Tales of niche regional history and folklore Gripping paranormal or true crime titles about … Read more

Urgent need:

Witches. Lots of witch stories, preferably in the style of Terry Pratchett.