Online Speed Networking: Beta Test Round

Manuscript Wish List® and #MSWL are for more than just writers seeking agents–they’re also for agents seeking interested editors, editors building their agent contacts, and collaboration within the publishing ecosystem.

We have tools and events to help you network, have better meetings, and meet the people who can advance your career–wherever you may be located. Our goal is to enhance accessibility, collaboration, and communication.

Our next project is to provide online speed networking for agents and editors, via video chat.

Wherever you are in your publishing career, we’re here to help.

When we originally thought of this idea, it was because so many of our agent and editor friends live outside of NYC. Now that many of us are working from home to avoid sickness, this is a way to connect, make friends, have some social interaction, and keep up with your networking without leaving home.

You know those wonderful events at Housing Works, where every three minutes, an editor moves to a new agent table? It’s like that, but from anywhere with internet and a webcam.

We want to bring you some cheer in this stressful time, so to make this event series work faster, we are launching our first round of beta testing.

Are you patient with tech, willing to work with some chaos, and interested in the idea? Do you work on children’s books? Are you free April 6, 7:30-9:30pm EDT?

We’d love to have you help us in this first test round. Scroll down to sign up, and (if there are more than 10 each of you) we’ll randomly pick ten agents and ten editors to participate in the first testing night. 

Once everything is up and running, we’ll have more nights like this, so more genres, age groups, agents and editors can participate–regardless of location.

This will be useful if: 

  • You’re working from home
  • You don’t live in NYC and want to expand your network
  • You’re an agent about to send out a project, and want to be sure to reach the right editors
  • You’re an editor looking for potential projects, and want to be sure agents keep you in mind
  • You’re an introvert and don’t love trying to have conversations in loud rooms
  • You’re not able to easily attend one of these events in person, in NYC
  • You want to meet about 10 new agents/editors (we’ll pair agents with editors and vice versa) in about two hours to expand your network

You will need:

  • Good internet
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Access to a computer (yours or a friend’s) with a webcam and microphone
  • A quiet workspace
  • A notepad to so you can remember what each person said, and follow up

Interested? Thank you! We’d love to have you.

Here’s how this first round will work:

  • March 16, 4:30pm NYC time, we draw the ten agents and editors for our beta round
  • April 3, 5:00pm, NYC time, we’ll send you instructions and your schedule of meetings, with links
  • April 6, 7:30pm NYC time, we start testing

Again, thank you so much for even considering it! Hope this finds you and yours well.

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