Writing for Graphic Novels, Collaboration with Artists, & Common Mistakes with Mat Heagerty

How do you write for graphic novels? How do you collaborate with an artist? And what mistakes do most authors make when starting out–and how can you avoid them?

Whatever your genre, join us for this fun, funny episode where we cover how to enter this thriving, creative world.

Mat Heagerty is a graphic novel author living in Boise, ID. He’s dyslexic and struggled a bunch in school, now he writes rad comics like “Martian Ghost Centaur”, “Unplugged and Unpopular” and the forthcoming LUMBRJACKULA. When he’s not writing, Mat’s taking care of his two young kids or trying to make his wife laugh.

You can find him on Twitter at: twitter.com/MatHeagerty

And you can find Lumberjackula here: bookshop.org/books/lumberjackul…2586/9781534482586