Write What You Can’t Stop Thinking About: Author Mahi Cheshire on Tension & Stakes

When Mahi Cheshire sent out the first version of what would become Deadly Cure, it was a New Adult novel about med school rivals. Now, in final form, it’s a medical thriller with a rivalry at the heart of the plot.

Mahi had to learn “on the job,” as it were, how to write a thriller—so we talk about how she learned to increase tension and stakes—and to focus on what she can’t stop thinking about (and why you should, too).

We also talk about how writing a rivalry is like writing a romance in reverse, her best advice for finding agents, and how to get books before they’re released in the US.

Get her book, Deadly Cure, here: www.bookdepository.com/Deadly-Cure-M…9781529114904

Mahi Cheshire was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in London. She works as a GP and has a degree in Psychology. She loves travelling, kundalini yoga and boxing, all of which provide inspiration for her writing. She lives in London with her husband and daughter.