Bestselling Author Emily Henry on Snappy Dialogue, Enemies-to-Lovers & Character Likability

We are so excited to speak with bestselling author Emily Henry (Beach Read, People We Meet on Vacation) about all things character—how to make a character intense yet likable, how to make dialogue snappy yet believable—and how to make the most of an enemies-to-lovers dynamic.

We also discuss over-editing, the (false!) idea that there’s a magic formula for getting published, and how Emily got her first agent the traditional “Google and cold query” way.

We also discuss what makes female (versus male characters) “likable”–and when we care to cater to those expectations.

We had so much fun having this discussion. Hope you love listening as much as we enjoyed talking with her.

Emily Henry is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of People We Meet on Vacation and Beach Read, as well as several young adult novels. She lives and writes in Cincinnati and the part of Kentucky just beneath it.
Her books have been featured in Buzzfeed, Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, The Skimm, Shondaland, and more.

Find her on Instagram @EmilyHenryWrites.