Storytelling For A Living with Celia Anne Browne

We are thrilled to bring you our interview and Q&A with Celia Anne Browne who, from the age of seven, has been exploring various forms of storytelling—from acting on a children’s show through being a ballerina and, now, as a writer, director, producer, agent, and more.

Celia is at a wonderful intersection of these storytelling mediums—and we are thrilled to ask her (and let you ask!) your questions about how to share your buskin with the world.

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Celia Anne Browne is an International Actor Coach & Teacher based in Paris, France. She has taught the Int-Adv Film/TV program for six years at Bilingual Acting Workshop in Paris, as well as providing professional coaching and training for celebrities, working actors and writers worldwide. She has experience in theater, film, and television working across the industry as an actress, producer, director, writer, casting director and agent. Previous work includes assisting writers as a reader and development, including at New York Stage & Film Company, MTP, Ensemble Studio Theatre (NY).