Your Ideal, Supportive Writing Group: How 20+ Writers Found & Maintain It, And You Can Too

Hello friends! Today we have, well, the biggest interview we’ve ever hosted, focused on one of the funniest, friendliest, and most creative writing groups we’ve ever met. If you’ve ever wondered how to find a community and keep it, this episode is for you.

Of the 20+ members of the group, we had a wonderful set of volunteers here to tell us how they found each other, how they maintain a positive and supportive environment, and their many successes along the way.

We are thankful to the following writers for talking with us!

In order of appearance:

Amanda nelson

Anne H Putnam
@ahputnam (Twitter and Instagram)

Bonnie Jo:
Twitter: @BonnieJ0
Instagram: @bonniejowrites

Cat Norris

Crystal Hill
Twitter: @crystalahill

Grace Ellis Barber
Twitter: @gellisbarber

G.S. Brouwer (Greg)
@GSBrouwer on Twitter

Lindsey Danis
@lindseydanis on Twitter,

Liz Kessick
My twitter is @lizkessick
And Insta @liz_kessick
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Trish Renee
Twitter: @trishrenee2
Author website:

Sky Regina
Twitter: @skyfrizzle