February 16, 8:30 pm ET | Live Class: Editing Without Losing Your Voice with Agent Fiona Kenshole

We have a lot of Fiona fans here at MSWL. From her delightful voice to her uplifting humor, you’ve gotten to know her as “Mary Puppins” (she walks puppies daily in her neighborhood and has a British accent), a supportive cheerleader for your work, and an agent of surprise and delight.

We can’t wait for this next class from her–which aims to solve the very common problem of taking in feedback without losing the unique spark of your work.

It’s common knowledge that you have to kill your darlings. But what if–with feedback coming from every angle–you’ve killed not just your darlings, but your manuscript’s unique voice?

It’s a delicate balance, and agent Fiona Kenshole (Transatlantic Literary) is here to help. With her wit, wisdom, and upbeat nature, she’ll guide you through the process of incorporating feedback while identifying (and protecting) what makes your unique energy come through on the page–and stand out in the query pile.

Join us for a fun, inspiring, creative evening that promises laughter, community, and actionable tips for your editing process.

The event is 100% introvert-friendly (wear pajamas and eat snacks the whole time! We’ll never know), cameras off, text chat only for attendees. You can participate as much as you like, or sit back and watch what your fellow creatives come up with.

Can’t make it live? Get your free ticket now, and the replay will be available at the same link.

It all starts TOMORROW at 8:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm PT. 

Hope to see you there!

All best wishes,
Jessica, Julie and Valentina