Fast Deadlines, Consistent Creativity, And Writing In Series with Bestselling Author Laurell K. Hamilton

We are so darn excited for today’s podcast. Not only was Laurell one of those interviews where you can just *feel* the writerly energy in the room, but she was creative, kind, thoughtful—and has amazing tips for your work. 

From avoiding info dumps (and a brilliant technique we’d never heard of) to planning a series (28 books strong!), research for writing in another gender to consistently getting in the right headspace to be productive, this episode is filled with actionable tips. 

Plus, if you’ve ever written between genres, Laurell is proof you can do so and not only make it work, but creatively thrive. 

Laurell Kaye Hamilton (born February 19, 1963) is an American multi-genre writer. She is best known as the author of two series of stories, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter and Merry Gentry.

Her New York Times-bestselling Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series centers on Anita Blake, a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police, which includes novels, short story collections, and comic books. Six million copies of Anita Blake novels are in print. Her New York Times-bestselling Merry Gentry series centers on Meredith Gentry, Princess of the Unseelie court of Faerie, a private detective facing repeated assassination attempts.

Both fantasy series follow their protagonists as they gain in power and deal with the dangerous “realities” of worlds in which creatures of legend live.

Laurell was born in rural Arkansas but grew up in northern Indiana with her grandmother. Her education includes degrees in English and biology from Marion College (now called Indiana Wesleyan University).

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