From Twitter To Book Deal: How Agent Cecilia Lyra and Author Kari Nixon Created Quarantine Life

We are so happy to tell you the story of how Agent Cecilia Lyra and author Kari Nixon met, became friends—and then officially started to work together.

Kari is a science writer with the style of an English Major. Her work, Quarantine Life from Cholera to COVID-19: What Pandemics Teach Us About Parenting, Work, Life, and Communities from the 1700s to Today, tells the stories behind the story of public health, vaccines, and the history of scientific innovation.

We discuss taking agents’ editorial notes and running with them, the etiquette of interacting with agents on Twitter, and balancing academic interests with storytelling to help make them accessible to more readers. Plus, we learn Cecilia’s strategy for selling a book that needed to reach the shelves ASAP.

We love their author-agent relationship, and are sure you will, too.

Check out Kari’s work here:

You can find Kari on Twitter at @halfsickshadows and at www.Mknixon.xom

You can find Ceci at @ceciliaclyra on Twitter and @cece_lyra_agent on Instagram.