April 6, 8:00 pm ET: FREE Write-In Workshop: A Night of Improvisational Writing with Chip Brewer

In this free workshop with writing and theater teacher Chip Brewer, we’ll explore how your characters exist in the physical realm–how they take up space, how this shows us their role in the world, and how this relates to all of the millions of tiny moments that make them who they are.

Then we’ll move to their interiors–how their thoughts collide and personalities flourish–and how secrets, relationships, and emotions create your emotional landscape.

With wit, humor, and a lot of laughter, this workshop will explore how these seemingly small details make meaning in the greater world you’re creating.

Bring a pen, paper, and the beverage of your choice.

Over the past 20+ years, Chip Brewer has balanced his career in international business development with a deep and abiding passion for storytelling.

Alongside his day job in research & consulting, Chip performed Improv professionally in Europe and the US until kids came along, at which point he shifted to teaching it.  He has since worked with Fortune 100 corporations, Maine’s Department of Education, at-risk youth, and hundreds of individuals to help them utilize Improv’s powerful principles to increase confidence, foster genuine teamwork and tell amazing stories. He currently lives on the coast of Maine with his family and – when his knees allow – plays hockey and surfs.