High Stakes in Quiet Stories, Fresh Takes on Dead Genres, and How Agencies Share Manuscripts

We talk with agent Shannon Snow about how she’d love to bring dystopias and other “dead” genres back (even if, according to Jessica, dystopia couldn’t die fast enough), how agencies decide to take on projects (and share genres between themselves), and how to make your “quiet” story appeal to agents and editors.

Shannon Snow worked in finance and marketing for 18 years before turning to her childhood first love… books and writers.  She started her publishing career in 2018 and then joined Creative Media Agency, Inc. in 2020, first as an intern before moving up to an associate agent.  Shannon has a B.A. in English Language and Literature. Shannon manages the Audio rights for CMA.

Shannon says: I have an eclectic reading taste. I look for books that have a unique angle, and authors that have a wonderful, engaging voice.  Characterization is a top draw for me, so I’m looking for vivid, well-developed characters.  I love when an author can make me laugh, make me cry, or just make me feel emotion in general.

Learn more about Shannon:
Twitter: @SSnow_Lit_Agent