“Quiet” Novels, Cozy Mysteries & How To Get Along With Your Future Publishing Team

We are so happy to welcome Rebecca Raskin, an editor at HarperCollins, to our podcast.

Rebecca started her career at Kensington Books, where she worked on genre fiction (including cozy mysteries, which we’ll talk about later in the episode!) and now works primarily on nonfiction.

We talk about how Rebecca loves “quiet” novels (and whether there’s a market for them), the large team behind every book (and the department that never gets enough recognition), and how editors sustain 2-3 years of enthusiasm for your book.

We also discuss:

11:37: Does an editor’s relationship with the author affect the book?

13:02: Tips for how to get along with your editor, and the editor-author relationship

15:26: Cozy mysteries, how to pitch them, and what happens (for anyone) if you use the wrong genre in your query

19:20: Why typos aren’t nearly as big a deal as you probably think (and what actually causes rejections)

20:03: How Rebecca sometimes chooses to work on books that aren’t ready yet, and works with the author and agent to make them happen

28:10: The best advice she was ever given

You can follow Rebecca on Twitter here: twitter.com/rj_raskin

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And the Dewey Decimal Rap that Julie mentioned is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHiUQb5xg7A