Communication, Negotiation, and Getting What You Need For Peak Creativity with Amyra León

We loved recording this episode. Amyra touches on the very most vital parts of creativity—and still manages, even after all her success as an artist, musician, activist, and more–to have the perfect advice for beginning writers on what matters most.

She talks about how to value your work—even when you don’t have a lot of spare time; how to communicate with your team (whether friends, agents, editors, or otherwise) to get what you need to support your art—and why, with creative projects, you should always start before you’re ready.

Amyra León is an author, musician, playwright, and activist. Her work transcends genre and medium, and focuses on Black liberation, politics, and communal healing. She believes that the art of listening and honest conversation are the primary tools for lasting change. Her aim is to empower communities to believe in the significance of their individual stories. The conversation has just begun.

León takes readers on a poetic journey through her childhood in Harlem, as she navigates the intricacies of foster care, mourning, self-love, and resilience, inviting us all to dream with abandon–and to recognize the privilege it is to dream at all.

Amyra’s latest work is called CONCRETE KIDS. This beautiful book written in free verse is an exploration of love and loss, melody and bloodshed. Learn more here:…ukashevsky/uinra

You can find her music–which goes very well with her book!–here: