Free Live Event: Building Creative Community with Author & Speaker Kat Vellos Wednesday, July 22, 8:00pm EDT

Do you miss your creative community? Do you wish for deeper, more satisfying connections within the writing world? Support can mean everything in this long, difficult process–and authentic friendships can make all the difference.

We can help! Next Wednesday, 8:00pm EDT/5:00 pm PDT, join us for a FREE event with the amazing Kat Vellos, an author, speaker, and expert community builder from The San Francisco Bay Area.

Kat says: Welcome, friend! If you know anything about me, you know that I’d rather be greeting you from amidst a giant bear hug… in a cozy room full of artsy conversation-provoking installations… with a table of cheese-based snacks in the corner.

Instead, we meet here, in this small box made of metal, glass and touchscreens. Because COVID. If you’re here because you want to build bridges of meaningful connection to others, you’re in the right place. Lemme help you with that. 

Kat is the author of Connected From Afar: A Guide To Staying Close When You’re Far Away and We Should Get Together: The Secret to Cultivating Better Friendshipsthe founder of Bay Area Black Designers and Better than Small Talkand has two decades of experience creating powerful, positive communities where people find belonging and authentic connection.

In this talk, we’ll delve into issues of community, loneliness, belonging, technology, and how to find the real connections that make the creative life satisfying and meaningful.

She’s spoken at Stanford, LinkedIn, General Assembly, Americorps, Social Good Tech Week, Young Women Empowered, and many, many more.

Learn more about Kat here:

Hope you can join us!

All best wishes,
Jessica and Julie