Voice In A Manuscript with Agent Stephanie Winter

We are so happy to bring you this conversation with Stephanie Winter, an agent at P.S. Literary.

We talk about how agents read differently than most book buyers, the logistics of selling a series, and what word counts scare us (and what we do about it). Plus, how rejection is kind of like a video game, what agents are *really* thinking during live pitch meetings—and how we envision a “be an agent for a day” program. 

And, perhaps most exciting, Stephanie discusses what makes great for voice in a Manuscript. 

You can learn more about her class, which is May 20, 8:30pm EDT, here: live.manuscriptacademy.com/voice 

Also, yes, there really was a 13-book deal: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/25/business/media/science-fiction-writer-signs-a-3-4-million-deal.html