Free Write-In Workshop THIS Thursday, 8pm EDT

In our quest to keep you informed, entertained, and connected in this difficult time, we’re bringing you a free writing workshop–direct to your computer.

Join us for writing prompts, exercises, and a community of supportive, talented writers. Meet critique partners, receive feedback on your work, and take your mind off everything happening in the outside world.

Everything will be live-streamed starting at 8:00pm NYC time on Thursday, March 19. The replay will be available starting about 10:00pm, Thursday, March 19. If you’re busy then, or perhaps in another time zone, you can still follow along with the replay and do the exercises on your own.

We recommend that you bring paper, a pen or pencil, and a beverage in a spillproof container. None of this is required. Do what makes you most comfortable.

Hope to see you there!