Agent-Author Team Eric Smith + Mike Chen: When NOT to give up

We are so excited to congratulate author Mike Chen and agent Eric Smith on the release of the beautiful, moving novel HERE AND NOW AND THEN with Harlequin MIRA. Mike has been our friend for years and even built the version of that you see now. Eric Smith is an agent at P.S. Literary, and a faculty member with us at the Academy.

Today on the podcast, we talk editing, long submission times, when to give up—and when you really, really shouldn’t. Eric and Mike have a dynamic we love—they’re a great example of what can happen when agent and author become not just partners, but a creative team.

We also discuss what happens when authors have a Slack channel and their agent isn’t invited, what to do when, as an author, YOU have the power over your submissions process–and how Mike and his business partner Sierra got connected with MSWL.

You can meet with Eric here:

You can buy Mike’s book here:

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