Agents, Lawyers, and Contracts: Melissa Edwards of MLE Consulting

Melissa Edwards (agent at Stonesong Literary, former lawyer, and founder of MLE Consulting) joins us to talk contracts, specialties, and what happens when another kind of lawyer attempts to negotiate a publishing contract. You’ll learn the worst clause she’s ever seen (it’s so bad you guys), what will stay the same pretty much no matter what–and why these rights matter.

You’ll also learn about why you don’t HAVE to have an agent to get a good deal–and how Melissa’s new venture, MLE Consulting, can make sure no one has to sign a bad contract again. See

Melissa also has a great habit of sharing writing prompts with her friends. We asked for today’s, and we really want to know! How does other people’s advice play a role in your life? Talk about this with your new writing friends at

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