The Creation of Brooding YA Hero PLUS A New Class!

We speak with author Carrie DiRisio, the voice behind Brooding YA Hero, plus her agent, Melissa Edwards at Stonesong Literary, and her editor, Alison Weiss at Sky Pony Press. Together, we discuss the creation of Brooding YA Hero, and how it became a book that is so much more than a Twitter feed. (Plus, of course, we talk about how platform can help your work–and what to do if it’s uncomfortable for you.)

PLUS we introduce Carrie’s new class–all about tropes, and how you can use them, twist them, and/or completely reject them in your fiction–for that work that is the gold standard of “Familiar but with a twist” (which is what, for whatever reason, seems to work so well in publishing and Hollywood).

The class package is $29 and comes with a recorded class, live Q&A with Broody, and dedicated Facebook group workshop. Learn more at

PS: Yes, there’s a bit of a popping sound on Carrie’s track. We were trying out new software and had one of the settings wrong. D’oh! Anyway, that’s fixed now. Thanks for bearing with us!

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