Join A Live Query Discussion Group!

We’re so excited about next week’s Query Workshop! This is a new program brought to you by The Manuscript Academy, #MSWL’s educational sister project.

We’re adding a new feature that we’re super excited about–small groups for live, face-to-face feedback in an educational setting. We’ll go over each query in a group up to ten, and see how we can improve each query, while going over the universal lessons in each.

Want to join? Register for our Query Workshop, if you haven’t already–and we’ll send you a link to claim your spot (free with admission to the workshop–in addition to the five classes, five live events with our faculty, and more). Discussion groups are available:

  • Monday, October 9, at 6:30 pm EST
  • Wednesday, October 13, at 6:45 pm EST
  • Thursday, October 14, at 6:45 pm EST
  • Friday, October 13, at noon EST

If these fill up, we’ll add more.

Hope to see you there!